cnvr cart

Community Art Cart is a creative reuse project, basically Little Free Library for art materials.  They are modest public repositories where creative materials can be recycled for creative purposes.  It operates on the take some/leave some principal: have extra pencils…leave them and take colored paper, and on and on.  Art Carts can operate in a multitude of locations; museums, libraries, coffee shops, community centers or your front yard.


Our mission is to champion creativity and support environmental and cultural sustainability through the free exchange of materials with creative potential.

If you are interested in establishing an Art Cart or contributing to the project please see our Start a Cart page!


Local Press: Rockford Buzz, The Rock River Times, Smart Living Weekly




me mustacheCommunity Art Cart was founded in 2015 by Joanna Dowling an artist, and cultural historian, passionate about creative accessibility, sustainability and the transformative power of the creative process.  She has built  her career around working with artifacts and recycled materials in both the arts and museum environments.


Nancy Hofm11695476_10203658916022795_7032220767925625315_nann is a reformed corporate executive turned non-profit director.  She has a passion for community building through artistic expression and youth leadership.  She is the co-director of Joy Now Arts Project in Portland, Oregon.